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What’s the Right Video Wall Rental for My Event?

Are you planning an event? We can assume so if you found your way to this blog. But if you aren’t planning an event and still reading a blog titled “What’s the Right Video Wall Rental for My Event?” then let’s just use our imaginations and pretend that you are going to be having an event at some point in the near future.

Okay, so you’re having an event coming up and you’ve decided you want to make a big splash at the event. And how are you planning on making that big splash? You’re planning on a LED screen rental in Los Angeles. That’s a smart move. Video walls are a fantastic way to catch people’s attention and give your guests something amazing to look at while attending whatever scenario you’re throwing.

But it’s not simply as easy as making the wise decision to get a rental video wall in Los Angeles. You have to consider quite a few things before you decide to dive into the wonderful world of LED screens. So let’s talk about the things you need to think about when picking the right video wall for your event.

First things first: is this going to be inside or outside? That’s a fairly easy question. You probably know the venue. What’s the situation? The LED screen setup will be different depending on the answer. At What You Want Productions, we’re equipped for either, but you have to know ahead of time to plan.

Speaking of the venue: what size is the place? What’s the floor space and what’s the height of the ceiling? Are there any quirks about the architecture of the place that might cause issues? We want to know the limits of the venue but also its possibilities.

Here’s another thing to think about: how close is the audience going to be to the screen? Or how far? Because these factors determine the importance of pixel quality.

And while we’re on the subject of the audience: what’s the mood that you’re trying to create? If it’s a party, a celebration, you probably want screens that will fill the area with a light, bubbly mood.

Or are you going more for a rave type event? One with some mystery and intrigue? Or are you making a presentation to potential buyers? Always be considering the audience and the mood you’re intending to create.

Finally, don’t forget to think about your budget. We can only go as far as your budget is willing to allow.

Keep all of these things in mind when you’re looking into LED video wall rental. If you come in with a clear idea of what you’re looking for, we can help you get set up much better and avoid potential issues down the line. And all of that will go a long way towards making your event a huge success!

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