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How Do I Choose The Right Video Wall Rental Company?

So you’re considering a rental video wall in Los Angeles? It’s a clever idea. Video walls are a great way to capture someone’s attention. They’re also a great way to set a cool mood. They’re very versatile.

In fact, recently video walls have increased in popularity as more and more people are choosing them for their conferences, events, or other various occasions. Because of their versatility and ability to create stunning visual experiences, they’ve become a go-to for someone looking to wow an audience.

But LED screen rental in Los Angeles isn’t cut and dry. It can be a big choice deciding which video wall rental company to go with. That’s what this blog is here for. We’ll break down some of the important things to look for when picking the right video wall company to rent an LED screen from for your next event.

The first thing you want to consider is the company’s experience and their level of expertise in the market.

You likely don’t want to get a video wall rental from someone who just bought their very first video wall. They might not understand so many things about the video wall. For example, they might not have a deep understanding of some of the logistical issues that can arise when putting up a video wall. Or they might not have run into technical issues. Experts who have been doing this for a long time, like the pros at What You Want Productions, know what to look out for when putting up the walls and dealing with any tech issues that might follow.

You also want to check out a company’s available equipment. You can figure this out by checking out their websites or calling them to discuss what their setups are like. Know what your event or situation is going to be like and consider what kind of set up you’re going to want. Then make sure the company you’re looking into has the gear in the right size and resolution to fit your scenario.

Also, look into what kind of support the company provides. Will they have people there to help with setup and dismantling of the video wall? Will there be people onsite during the operation of the wall while the scenario is going on? You want a company that offers experienced technicians to handle challenges that may come up.

Of course, the last thing to consider – though not the least – is price. What is your budget? What can you get for that budget? Different companies offer different services. Compare quotes, check for extra fees. Do your homework.

Picking the right rental company for your video wall is vital for the success of your event. Keep in mind all the mentioned factors. What You Want Productions is a company filled with knowledgeable, experienced professionals. Contact us and we’ll answer your questions and get you set up with an amazing video wall for your next gathering.

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