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LED Wall Rental

LED Wall Services

The LED wall is the biggest structure at any event and is usually the first thing that catches your eye as you walk into the room. They can be used for branding, photo booths, art pieces, and so much more. Our company specializes and excels in rental LED walls. We have rented LED video walls for bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, corporate events, conventions, music videos, and more. We have thousands of rental panels of different sizes and resolutions, which can cover all kinds of indoor and outdoor events. 

Our rental outdoor LED wall is one of the highest pixel resolutions at 2.9mm for outdoor panels in the country. This means the quality and color of any image on the outdoor video wall is incredibly sharp and vivid even at a close distance. To ensure the brightness matches the environment, the screens are dimmable with the sun. We provide a stand-by technician with the rental of all LED walls to make sure everything runs smoothly. Since the weather can be unpredictable, we suggest using outdoor LED panels for all outdoor events as our LED Wall is IP65 compliant. 

Our indoor rental LED panels currently range from 2.6mm to 3.9mm pixel distance depending on the needs of the client. The “mm” or dot pitch of the LED wall means the distance between the pixels. The lower the number the higher the resolution of the LED wall panels. If your event has the audience at 10-20ft away, then 3.9mm would fit the viewing distance. For up close and personal events, the 2.6mm LED panels let you retain the resolution you need while still providing a bright and clear image.

The LED wall can come in virtually any design. We love to meet with our clients to get a sense of the design and vision they want. This allows us to provide an LED wall that fits every client’s needs, requirements, and adds to any production value. We also can pre-visualize the LED wall design and demo content on the LED wall so you can see what you are getting beforehand. Our designs include but are not limited to: 

  • Column screens to surround the dance floor
  • Archways to walk under displaying logos or directions 
  • Hallways to walk through to show off upcoming movie releases 
  • Diamonds on and around the stage to accent the room
  • Pyramids behind the stage to make it look like Egypt
  • Underneath Bars to make the bar look like an aquarium
  • LED spheres over the dance floor with planet content 

 We stay up with the latest technology in the LED community to bring the highest quality of LED wall services to each event we host. As a LED wall service provider, we pride ourselves on being one of the fastest to set up, always prepared for the demands of every LED Wall, and that each LED wall leaves the audience captivated. If our LED wall service interests you, feel free to contact us any time.