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A lot of clients are still in the dark about Video Projection. Video Projection can be split up into two categories; Video Projection and Projection Mapping. Basic Video Projection involves taking a projector that emanates light from a single lens and projects it onto a surface. Usually, this surface is a screen that is in the typical 16:9 aspect ratio. The benefit of this mode of viewing content is that any white surface can be turned into a screen. The more exciting aspect is if the projector is strong enough your surface can be the side of a building or larger and the projection can bring it to life. This gets us into Projection Mapping.

Projection Mapping is the process of taking one or more projectors and customizing the output of the projectors to wrap or fit a surface perfectly. So instead of having a flat screen to view content on, you can project onto any surface that reflects light. Here are some examples of what we have Projection Mapped:

  • White Studio Cyc at Quixote Studios
  • Custom 3d created 15 ft Diamond for Nike Diamond Drop 2021-22
  • A full 76 piece custom created backdrop for the stage at Ocaso in Costa Rica
  • The interior of the L.A. Historic Theater
  • A custom dress on a Violinist in the middle of a lake in Santa Barbara
  • Rocks and steps into the entrance to an event at Hummingbird Nest Ranch
  • A sculpture of a giraffe for a private art gallery

These are just a few of the complex surfaces and designs we have Projector Mapped over the years. With Projector Mapping, you can use your content in unique ways to captivate your audience or demonstrate your product. Additionally, you can use Projector Mapping to make a simple white room into an immersive or interactive space. When you combine multiple projectors, custom content, a robust media server, and the latest software, the sky’s the limit with Projection Mapping. Book a consultation now about Projection Mapping and let us help you create What You Want.