Video Editing

Video Editing

Video Editing Services

At a glance, Video Editing is a process where we take your content and create something memorable for your audience’s viewing pleasure. Video editing comes in different forms. Pre-editing involves taking raw footage and cutting it together or color grading to enhance the quality of the content. We have integrated themed backgrounds, added color correction, upscaled photos, and shown videos edited by us to run live streams, concerts, galas, and more. Post-editing, on the other hand, takes footage from after an event and uses it to create an archive video, a reel, an ad, or other such content to help keep the momentum of that event active. Here are some examples of what is included in our Video Editing Services:

Music Videos – This consists of Concept and Design meetings, Filming on location, Pre/Post Editing, After Effects, and Final Drafts.

Sizzle reel – This involves taking your current content, editing it down to the most important and eye-catching content, adding a soundtrack, and then pushing out single or multiple videos for your target audience.

Montage – For Montages, we can take pictures and/or video and create an awe inspiring 5-15 min clip to play for Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Memorials, Honorees, and more.

Ads – Branding may be the most important thing about creating content. We work with our customers to take their content, branding, color sets, and more to create an advertisement that suits their needs.

Our editing services are simple and customer oriented. We have a streamlined process that goes covers design, edits, and delivery of the final product. We also use cloud services to preview and deliver the assets directly to your email. This means you never have to leave the office and can get the files anywhere in the world. Please contact us for all your Video Editing needs.