How to Use a Video Wall Rental in a Marketing Campaign

Just about everyone needs some form of digital footprint these days. Businesses and brands especially do. It is a must. But it’s never just as easy as posting a picture with a nice caption and expecting to go viral. The modern consumer is savvy and you need to impress them in order to get their attention.

Enter the video wall. A modern, clever, unique way to catch the attention of a potential customer. As such, something to consider if you’re planning a marketing campaign in Los Angeles is the rental of a video wall.

Let’s look at some ways it might be useful.

First, you can use video walls to create captivating brand storytelling. Video walls can create visually stunning narratives, much more so than your standard normal images or banners might. Your visuals on a video wall can combine videos and animations to provide a ton more variety and excitement and that will make a stronger connection emotionally with an audience. And that’s really the best way to market.

Another good way, if you were to do a LED screen rental in Los Angeles, to use the video wall for marketing is to use the video wall to show off product demonstrations. It’s a video wall and it’s customizable so you can put basically anything on there, be it clothes or electronics or any other thing you’re hoping to sell. The videos can show off product features, demonstrations of the usage of the product, options for customization with the product, or even be made to play personalized and highly memorable videos. This is the sort of unique, exciting thing that builds a sense of intrigue for a potential customer. And once you’ve intrigued a customer, it is not that many steps toward an actual purchase.

Video walls are also great ways to integrate social media. This works in multiple directions. One way is just adding social media to a real world area. You can display posted messages or pictures that you want to show off, or that have been taken recently by consumers in the area, interacting with your product. This involves the consumer greatly. You can put banded hashtags up to create a sense of community and encourage participation. More directly, you can just put cool visuals on your video wall rental and encourage people to take pictures in front of them, then upload them to their preferred social media websites or apps. That’s free and easy marketing.

Related, you could even use a video wall to create fun games and contests for potential customers. That step requires a lot more planning, but you can hide little easter eggs or QR codes in your visuals and encourage people to seek out a prize. That is highly engaging and a lot of fun for the customer.

These are just some ways to use a video wall to engage in a marketing campaign that captivates an audience, but the truth is, these are just a few examples. Video walls are so versatile that there is really no end to the clever ways they could be used to capture eyeballs. Video walls and marketing go hand in hand and a smart marketer can employ them to their advantage in so many ways.