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There is a reason the phrase “Content is King” is more important than ever. Almost every venue, home, company, car, or even street has some sort of screen available now. We live in an age where you even have a screen in your pocket. All of these applications, locations, and devices need Content. What You Want provides many solutions for Custom Content creation. The two main areas of content can be split into 2d graphics and 3d graphics.

2D Graphics – Most of the content around is made in 2 dimensions. A simple example of this is a custom lower third animation for names on a screen. A more advanced example is a 2D particle system that simulates water or fireworks. You can layer 2D content in such a way that you can imitate 3D and give your content depth. For this service, we sit with our clients and edit, create, modify, and warp clips to cater to every need. Sometimes all our clients need is a blue wavy background for their logo. Other times they require a fully animated PowerPoint with moving graphs, animated text fly-ins, and a custom-made logo animation to amp up the presentation. With thousands of Custom Content pieces made, we love to deliver a custom quality project every time.

3D Graphics – As technology has advanced, making 3D content has become more available and affordable for all of our clients. 3D Graphics involves using a 3D modeling or graphic design program, like Cinema 4d or Unreal, to create a fully immersive visual, model, mockup, stage design, or character. This content is now being utilized everywhere, from huge A-list blockbusters to signage off the side of the freeway. When you combine 3D Graphics with a full XR LED Wall studio, you now have the ability to transport your actors, CEO, or friends into a completely immersive location of your choice. Shows like the Mandalorian use 3D content to create a backdrop for their scenes to make it look like their characters are on distant planets. Other applications of this are to blend the lines between reality and fantasy by editing 3D content into your live streams, music videos, or product demos.

3D content can be used almost anywhere and as technology keeps growing so do the capabilities of where it will lead. Holograms are just around the corner and this needs 3D content creation as well. Whether it be on a LED Wall, projector, cellphone, holographic fan, or just your office TVs, we can help create a unique 3D look for you. Contact us about your project or idea and let us discuss our 3D Custom Content service with you now.