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Dj & Audio

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The goal of every event is to provide everyone with an amazing experience they will always remember. Audio is a key factor in making that happen. Good clean audio elevates your event to the next level, while bad quality audio can leave your guest with a bad taste. Here at What You Want, we make sure all our gear is tested before every event to ensure the best quality. Our audio engineers take extra care to calibrate the equipment to the needs of the client.

Challenges occur at even the most planned out and rehearsed events, like wireless microphones dropping signals in the middle of the event. When we quality check our equipment, we keep this in mind and ask ourselves: “What can go wrong? And if this goes wrong, what is our plan of action to solve it?” We bring out redundant systems and wired microphones as a backup to ensure your event goes flawlessly. Our crew takes each event to heart and goes the extra mile to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.

The type of audio packages we provide ranges from simple music playback with an iPod, to a panel of speakers on stage with walk-on and walk-off music, to full surround sound for a large audience with DJs, Guest speakers, Voice of God, and more. Our DJs mix all types of music for any occasion. Russian baby shower? We got you. Large-scale Weddings with House music, we have that covered. Salsa, hip-hop, or whatever else your guest desires? Look no further.

How do we do this? We communicate with our clients. Our company is not called “I can read your mind and give you what you want.” It is called “What YOU Want”. The only way to know what someone actually wants is to ask them. We have pre-production meetings, whether in-person or virtual, with our clients when booking audio. Even if the communication is just an email sending over a list of songs or genres we make sure our clients’ needs are met. Our DJs want to play What You Want every time. Inquire about our DJ and Audio packages for your event!