Video Wall Rental Case Studies: Fashion

LED video walls can be exciting to look at, to be sure. But LED video walls go beyond just the excitement of seeing fascinating visuals. Doing something like getting an LED screen rental in Los Angeles can actually be a very clever business decision because of their versatility and the impact they have on people.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at one possible example of a particularly good use for a rented video wall: fashion.

Here’s one where boosting visual appeal should seem like a no-brainer, and yet so many forget to pay special attention to it: retail. So many people who are attempting to sell things don’t have that special thing to catch a potential customer’s eye. If you are in a big city and looking to wow, you have to consider that. A Los Angeles rental of a video wall might be just the right thing to bring people’s attention to your product.

Within the division of retail is the subdivision of fashion. We’re talking clothes, shoes, or really anything you might wear.

Let’s imagine a clothing retailer. If you have a new product you want to showcase or reveal, a video wall showing it off and some of its features and details is not only certain to catch the eye, it can also give the customer a better idea about the product and turn them from a potential consumer to an actual consumer.

This clothing retail could show off the shirt or dress or pants in eye popping quality. You could display the details and give information about what went into designing and making the particular piece of clothing.

Then, to top it off, you could have models showing off the clothes to drive the point home. You could do all of this quickly and visually, effectively making your sales pitch to potential customers before they even get inside the business.

This kind of display could easily extend to other fashion-related businesses: shoes, fancy or sporty, could be shown off in a similar way. You could even do this display with fashion accessories, showing off jewelry, watches, belts, ties.

An LED wall display can do everything a static display does and do it in a snappier, more interesting way.

You could place the walls at the entrance, or out front of the store for maximum eye-catching. You could also use them to draw people to certain areas of the store if you wanted to show off more than one product. Because video walls are so dynamic, there’s really no end to the clever ways you could use them to promote fashion and generate buzz.

This is just one way in one industry that video wall rentals could help. Their usefulness is virtually unlimited and there’s no one better to do an LED wall rental from than What You Want Productions.