LED Video Walls: The Trend That’s Changing Event Throwing in 2023

People have thrown events for almost as far back as we’ve existed. We’re social creatures by nature. Back in the caveman days, we were inviting neighbors over to share freshly hunted mammoth. Nowadays we have slightly different agendas (and food) when we throw an event. But as the event has evolved, so too, has the way we’ve spruced up events. And there is perhaps no trend that has changed the way that we throw events in 2023 like the creation of the LED video wall.

It’s important if you’re someone who throws events to stay ahead of the crowd as far as trends go. This goes for people who throw massive events or corporate events or even smaller events. You have to keep your eye on the ball. That’s why the Los Angeles rental video wall has become such a big mover and shaker in the industry. It’s one of the biggest game changers in event throwing.

LED video walls are dynamic displays that have begun to redefine the way that event throwers plan their gatherings. They can entertain and engage an audience like no other and certainly are more effective than things that have come before.

Here’s why, if you’re planning your next event, you’ll want to think about LED screen rentals: they’re wildly immersive. That’s a necessity in this day and age, when everyone’s already looking at their phone screen. If you want to compete with the phone, you have to offer something more interesting to look at. Regular decor simply doesn’t do it anymore. LED video walls are able to grab attention by supplying events with dynamic content.

The other benefit is that LED video walls are customizable. You can adapt to the venue and set them up to maximize wow-factor within practically any space. And then you can put just about anything you could imagine up on them.

Speaking of, they make for an excellent branding opportunity, if that’s something you are interested in and fits with the vision of your event. Add any logos you like to make sure people know who is responsible for the good time they’re having. It will leave a lasting impression with your guests.

Another benefit, if you’re throwing a more lowkey, corporate-type event, is that instead of wild and fun visuals, you can put things on the screen that provide context to what’s happening at the event, be it a team-building exercise or presentation.

The thing about an LED screen rental in Los Angeles is that it’s so versatile, there’s almost no event that couldn’t stand to benefit from it. Music, presentations, get togethers – because you can put almost anything on the screen, there’s no end to what they could be used for. And there’s no better place to get your LED wall rental from than What You Want Productions in Los Angeles. Give your attendees something to remember.